Peking University, China

Peking University is the No.1 University of Asia. Peking University Founded in 1898, It was originally known as the Imperial University of Peking. It was the first national university covering comprehensive disciplines in China, and has been a leading institution of higher education in China since its establishment.
Peking University has continually played the essential role of pioneers in the course of China's modernization.
Peking University is a comprehensive and national key university. The campus, known as "Yan Yuan" meaning of Yan Yuan is the garden of Yan , It is situated at Haidian District in the western suburb of Beijing, with a total area of 2,743,532 square metres .
The university has effectively combined research on important scientific subjects with the training of personnel with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skill as demanded by the country's socialist modernization. It strives not only for improvements in teaching and research work, but also for the promotion of interaction and mutual promotion among various disciplines.
Thus Peking University has become a center for teaching and research and a university of a new type, embracing diverse branches of learning such as basic and applied sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and sciences of medicine, management, and education.
It also served as the highest administration for education at the beginning of its founding.